Artefact #: 831

Park Sakuntala was projected by Viktor Axmann and Ivan Domes in 1890. It is located at the periphery of the upper town. In this park there is a statue named Sakuntala that I. Krausz ordered to be placed there in 1881.
There is a lot of statues and sfings located at park Sakuntala. The name and the look of it was changing throw the past so in 1913. it was named Preradović periphery. At the same time it represents the mix of human and nature creations, it's a separated nature oasis and part of the town. Whole thing together represents alegorical and metaforical jigsaw, a simbol of past and it's essence to todays understandings.
Lots of rearagments were made after Second World War, such as a location of statues and names of it's representative parts.

Park Sakuntala projektirali su Viktor Axmann i Ivan Domes 1890. godine. Smješten je na periferiji Gornjega grada i u njemu je smješten kip Sakuntale kojega je 1881. godine naručila I. Krausz. U parku su smještene dvije sfinge i mnogo kipova, a ime parka se mijenjalo kroz povijest te se 1913. godine zvao Preradovićevo šetalište. Park je istovremeno kreacija čovjeka i kreacija prirode, izdvojena prirodna oaza i dio grada. I kipovi Sakuntale i sfingi su alegorija, metafora, zagonetka i simboli određene ideje.
Nakon Drugog svjetskog rata Sakuntalin kip i sfinge premješteni su u Perivoj kralja Tomislava.

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